Released: February 7, 2009

Wild West Checkers Updated

Wild West Checkers (Updated)

Wild Wild West Checkers

Wild West Checkers

The Wild West Checkers public room also acts as a game room in which players may play and spectate the Wild West Checkers minigame.


Wild West Checkers Mini GameEdit

Play the classic game of checkers with a cowboy spin!


To begin the game, go to the Western Mercantile and exit to the north-east. To join a game, click on either the blue or the red chair, to enter the queue on the corresponding sides. If there are players before you in the queue, you must wait until they have either left or completed their game before you can play. To enter a different instance of the room, you can exit to the south-west corner or the eastern area of the room.

After entering the game, you must wait for an opponent to join the other side to play against you. If no opponent appears within a length of time, the game will start automatically, with an AI (computer player) as your opponent. The player with the red pieces will move first, followed by the player with blue pieces.

Wild Wild West Checkers Game Pieces

Checkers pieces

How to PlayEdit

The rules and schematics of the game follow checkers. Each turn, a player must move one of his or her tokens one space in a diagonal direction towards the opponent's side of the board. If the opponent's piece sits in this position, and no piece is behind the opponent's piece, then your are forced to jump the piece and remove it from the board, and any other pieces that may be jumped and removed afterward, in a chain-like motion.

Wild Wild West Checkers Game Kings

"Kinged" Checkers pieces

If your or your oppenent's piece reaches the opposite end of the board, his or her piece will be "kinged" (shown by a cowboy hat worn by the checker piece) and gain the ability to move diagonal in any direction, rather than only towards the opposite end of the board.

You have one minute to make a move. If you do not make a move during this time, your opponent with automatically win the game.

The game ends when either one player has lost all their pieces, resulting in the other player winning, or when neither player can move one of their pieces, resulting in a draw.


For each of your opponent's pieces that you jump, your score is increased by 1 point. The maximum points that can be received from jumping all of your opponents pieces is 12.


Once the game has ended, you receive credits based on your performance in-game. You receive credits based on the following:

  • If you win the game:
    • Credits Received: (Ending Score * 10) + 100
  • If you lose the game:
    • Credits Received: (Ending Score * 5)

Special RewardsEdit

Wild West Checkers - Special Rewards

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