What is a Wrapper Program?Edit

Wrapper Programs are software that is not developed nor endorsed by VFK, but is commonly used to enhance the game through features that allow users to use certain options or features more easily. Most wrappers allow you to access the game from your desktop, login more easily, take screenshots, record video, and more! These programs do not interact directly with the coding of the game, and do not let you cheat or have an unfair advantage (which puts you in the clear for VFK's Terms of Service).

List of Wrapper ProgramsEdit



Operating System

Coding Language

Link/Other Information

Inferno tomorowlandude Windows VB.Net Inferno Website
MyVFK Oatman Windows VB.Net MyVFK Website
(Now Defunct)

VFK Buddy


Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris


VFKBuddy Website

VFK Gadget




VFK Gadget Website
(Now Defunct)
No longer available for download. Posted on the homepage of VFK in VFK's early days.

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