Subscriptions are memberships for VFK. All subscriptions except the beta founders are paid. To see the membership currently available, click here.

Beta FoundersEdit

Note: The Beta Founders Membership was only available for 48 hours during beta and is no longer available.

Beta founder

Aussie FoundersEdit

Note: The Australian Founders Membership is no longer available as of 5/7/12.


VIP MembershipsEdit

Note: The VIP Memberships are no longer available as of 12/2/13.
Note: The VIP Memberships are available again as of 1/6/14.

Vip pass

V.I.P. ChristmasEdit

Note: The VIP Christmas Memberships are no longer available as of 1/6/14.

V.I.P. Christmas Banner
V.I.P. Christmas Prices
V.I.P. Gift Membership Prices
VFK Gift Memberships Information

Family MembershipEdit

A Family Membership is when a V.I.P. member adds other players onto their membership. This gives them the ability to instant message, trade for member clothes, and receive gifts.

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