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Released: February 12, 2009

Gift Shoppe with Items

Click on a present to send a wrapped gift of that color

Gift Giving is a feature that allows you to send gifts to other players on your friends list. Gifts are able to be sent from the Gift Shoppe for 100 Credits per gift. Sending a gift to another player lets you select an item from your inventory to give to the other player, along with a customize message that will be viewed when the present is unwrapped.

How to send a giftEdit

Gift Information Message

Continue Screen

To send another player a gift, you must first enter the Gift Shoppe and click on one of the stacks of presents. The color that you click will be the color of the wrapped gift sent to the player of your choice. After clicking a gift, you a pop-up will appear asking if you want to continue, and notifying you of the gift name and cost of 100 credits to send the gift.

Gift Selection Screen

Gift Selection Screen

After continuing, you will reach a Gift Selection screen, allowing you to choose the gift that you wish to send from your inventory, along with the receiving player and the message that appears when they open the gift. Double click one of your inventory items to add it to the "Item to Wrap" area, and select a player on your friends list to send the gift to. You can also add the custom message to be sent with the gift by entering the message in the "Message on Tag" area. You can then click the "Send Gift" button to send the gift.

Gift Sent Message

Gift Sent Message

After sending a gift, you will receive a pop-up confirming that the gift was sent.

Receiving a giftEdit

Gift Received Notification

Notification that you have received a gift

If another player sends you a gift, you will receive a notification message in your mailbox. The wrapped gift will appear in your inventory.

Unwrap Gift Popup

Choose the "Unwrap" button to unwrap the gift

To unwrap your gift, place it in one of your rooms and click on the gift. A pop-up will appear with the normal furniture options, plus the additional "Unwrap" option. Choose the "Unwrap" option to unwrap the gift. If the gift is a furniture item, it is placed in the room in the area where the present was located, otherwise the gift is placed in your inventory under the appropriate section. When you unwrap your gift, you will also receive a pop-up containing information about the gift you received, containing the item sent, the sender, and the message attached to the gift.

Gift Opened Message

Information about the gift you received

Gift TypesEdit

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