Released: July 20, 2008

Retired: July 21, 2008



Of course, what would traveling throughout time and space be without the right equipment? Your reward this week for completing the quest is our first set of Teleporters! These teleporters make it possible for you to teleport between any member rooms. This can be two of your own rooms, or you can give one of the teleporters to a friend, and then you can teleport to each others rooms any time, even when your friend is not online! These are great for building mazes, and labyrinths!


Name Price Location Released/Retired Photo Notes
1000 Credits Released: May 22, 2008 Credits
Merlin's Magma Porter Quest Prize Freedom Through Time Quest Released: July 20, 2008

Retired: July 21, 2008

Teleporter 2 2 Animated Item




  1. Urakigana
  2. Go to Stonehenge and say "The Age of Enlightenment will set us free"
  3. Magna Carta
  4. Go the Arthur's Round Table and say "RUNNYMEDE IN JUNE"
  5. Freedom of the high seas
  6. Go to Sydney Opera House and say "I love this harbor!"
  7. Go to the Waterfall and say "Run free water, run free!"
  8. A fight over the future of the Australian colony
  9. He was the famous Captain Bligh of Mutiny on the Bounty Fame.
  10. Go to The Olgas (Room 1) and say "Fire!"
  11. Sweden's Freedom of press act of 1766
  12. Go to the outside of Merlin's Magic Shop and say "Sisters who are stone, return home."
  13. Go to the Victorian Crossroads and say "Printing Press!"
  14. The Fourth Estate
  15. Go to the Garden say "Painting!"
  16. Normal Rockwell
  17. Press Continue

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